Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy New Year?

We've just hit 2009. We thought we would bring you up to speed on where Yakkle goes this year.

We continue to have a very steady number of downloads and clockwork. We appreciate the continued support. We know that our Twitter integration has certainly helped expose Yakkle to a wider community.

What are you doing with Yakkle? Are you using it for Instant Messaging? Twitter? or for our Webex like functions of Desktop Sharing and VOIP? Drop us a note and let us know.

There are some exciting changes in the works for Yakkle. When we first built it, several years ago, we did not have the funds to build out a large server farm to host meetings, hence Yakkle as it stands now is a peer to peer limited participant meeting application. So how can we get our hands on a server farm that would give us low cost, on demand access, and the scaling we need to allow 100's of participants in a meeting? How could we compete with other collaboration tools and offer very very low cost models? How could a self funded startup on a limited budget compete with the "big guys?".

We hope to have the answer soon.... for now, let's just look up to the clouds.

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