Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yakkle Adds Summize

Yakkle version (v0.6.5) was recently released. Those users currently using Yakkle will be notified of the new release the next time they run and will be able to do a one click download and upgrade in a matter of seconds.

What's new in this release? If you are using the Twitter features inside Yakkle, and you have your own Twitter account, you undoubtedly know how popular this service has become. There are literally millions of "Tweets" being generated each week. So how do you look for interesting people to follow or find out about interesting topics being discussed? Summize is the answer. Twitter has their own search service called Summize. It weeds through the tweets and finds the ones that you are interested in. Yakkle has already integrated with Tweetscan and now we are fully integrated with Summize. Just select the search icon and you'll see this:

Searches that you did recently are listed for easy selection. Popular searches that are happening in the Twitter community are also listed. It's a kind of a "trend" listing. If you want to search with advanced functions, press the Advanced button to see these options:

Once you have performed a search, Yakkle will continue to search for you and find new Tweets as they are generated and will let you know that there are more for your viewing. By default, Yakkle looks for new Tweets every 30 seconds. You can change that by selecting the Twitter & Yakkle Options button and by changing the Summize Update Interval value.

What else is new? Have you been using Yakkle all day, chatting with friends, viewing your Twitter timeline? Then you exit Yakkle and start it back up the next day. Now you see a whole bunch of Tweets in your Twitter view, but which ones did I miss while I was away? Yakkle now has built in coloring to show you the "new" tweets versus the ones you have already viewed. Very cool! If you follow a lot of people and have an active Twitter account, this coloring feature is tremendous. The green tweets are new, the blue tweets are the ones you have already viewed.

Lastly, we've had a bunch of Windows Vista users downloading Yakkle and some of them had some issues selecting their speakers and microphones so they could start up a Yakkle conference meeting. We took a look at what might be going on here and we've resolved this issue. So all you Vista users should have a much better Yakkle experience!

If you have other suggestions for the Yakkle please drop us a note at or reply to us on Twitter (@yakkle)

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