Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yakkle adds more Twitter and Desktop Sharing Features

Yakkle version (v0.6.4) was recently released. Those users currently using Yakkle will be notified of the new release the next time they run and will be able to do a one click download and upgrade in a matter of seconds.

What's new in this release? Well, we've been continuing to refine our Twitter client and we have benefited from the increased performance of the Twitter server. In previous releases, we saw slowness of the Twitter API to respond thereby making it appear as though Yakkle was slow. That has been resolved - thanks Twitter guys - and now we are getting lots of good feedback from those using Yakkle as their Twitter client. Twitter imposes rate limits from time to time if their servers get unusually busy. For those wanting to see what their current limit is, just select the Twitter Server Rate Limits icon in the Yakkle/Twitter toolbar and you will see the following information:

You can follow Yakkle too on Twitter; send us a tweet, ask a question, request a new feature, tell us about any issues.

Have you ever seen a tweet on Twitter that is just a bit too long to view? You are reading the 140 characters and then it just stops, clipped, cut off by the viewer? With the Yakkle Twitter client, if we see that a tweet is clipped, we'll add a "..." link to the end. Click this link and jump directly to the full tweet so you won't miss a word.

In addition to continuing to improve our Twitter client we've also done some work on our Desktop Sharing feature of Yakkle. You can now control the size of Yakkle during Desktop Sharing so that you can easily view your Twitter tweets, Send Instant Messages and Share Desktops all at the same time:

If you have other suggestions for the Yakkle please drop us a note at or reply to us on Twitter (@yakkle).

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