Friday, May 30, 2008

Announcing Twitter Support

Yakkle now has a built in Twitter client allowing you to login directly to Twitter, turn on/off automatic updates of incoming Twitter status messages, create a status, send a direct message, search all of Twitter, and customize your Yakkle + Twitter options. To learn more about Twitter, visit and sign up now. Yakkle is one of the first to introduce a Jabber, XMPP, Instant Messaging application integrated with Twitter.

To communicate with other Twitter users, you create statuses. You can do so directly within Yakkle. Those who are following you will instantly see your message and reply back to you. You get 140 character to say something so choose wisely!

There are millions of Twitter statues being created all the time. These are sometimes referred to as "Tweets". Want to find a topic or word or subject or user that you are interested in? Use the built in search option. TweetScan (see is our provider of search data.

Twitter keeps status messages organized by different Timelines. Yakkle suports all the different timelines. Read Twitter Statuses from your friends, the public community, or the Twitter Featured Users.

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