Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coming Soon: Yakkle + Twitter

We've been very busy this month of April and thought we would update our user community with some great news.

Yakkle is branching out! With our integrated IM, Voice and Desktop Sharing features making up our base product, we are almost ready to release Twitter integration into Yakkle. What does this mean? You will be able to log in to your Twitter account and view all the "tweets" you'd like. You can create statuses, reply to your friends, pick your favorites and follow other Twitter users that your are interested in. Not only that, Yakkle will notify you of any Twitter updates that you might want to view. That's just for starters.... when we are ready with this release, we'll let our users find the new features.

We've also taken care of some issues found by our users and continue to improve our user experience, from our web site through using Yakkle. We've also been working on some more Emoticons.

For all of our international users (which there is a lot!) we are looking into translating Yakkle into different languages. We'll be calling on our user community to help with the translation. Look for the "Help Us Translate" link on our web site and you can help internationalize Yakkle, making it the first multi-language collaboration product.

Check us out on Vator.tv, watch our Yakkle YouTube video, and read about our software certification on Softpedia.com.

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