Friday, March 14, 2008

Yakkle Emoticons Are Here

Announcing release v0.5.7

We've had a real spike in the number of new Yakkle users and want to thank you all for your continued feedback and the many blogs, articles and reviews that are now appearing all over the net and all over the world. We are featuring them on our "News" page, so if you find one or write one, let us know and we'll add a link to you.

What's New In This Release?

Automatic status updates: In our last release, we introduced automatically setting your status to "Away" if you have left your computer. If you were Yakkling, we did not set your status automatically. With this release we will. If you are Yakkling and leave your computer and forget to stop Yakkling, we'll automatically change your status to "Away" for you. We've also changed the "Away" time from 5 minutes to 3 minutes, meaning that if you leave your computer for 3 minutes, we will automatically determine you are away.

New Releases: If you start Yakkle and we have a new release for you to install, we will automatically notify you of this. You can click on the "What's New?" button to instantly see what we've changed in the new release so that you can download and use it.

Emoticons are here: Send a smile, a happy face, a wink, a heart and more. When instant messaging with someone, you will now see an emoticon smiley face in the chat area. Click on this face and you will see all the different emoticons that we currently support. Pick any of these and they'll be sent along with your text to the person you are chatting with. We automatically convert the icon into text so that if you happen to be chatting with someone not using Yakkle, they will still be able to see your smiley face.

Here's our first set of emoticons.

If you want more or have a suggestion for some, send us the text pattern, like :-) and what the resulting emoticon should be and we'll draw some more.

Have fun with this latest release... get your own copy of Yakkle at

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