Monday, March 3, 2008

Turbocharged Desktop Sharing

Announcing Release v0.5.6

First, we want to thank all you Yakklers out there that gave us feedback, sent us feature requests and told us about issues you were having.

Here's the latest goodies:

  • Usability improvements including: tighter spacing in the Contacts list so that you can see more of your contacts without having to scroll, as well as some color, font and icons cleanup.

  • File Sharing fixes: for those sharing very large files. See instantly how much data has been transferred and how much is left to go.

  • Desktop Sharing performance: the desktop sharing code has been optimized and supercharged to bring you the best desktop sharing performance that Java can offer.

  • Automatic status updates: have you ever set yourself to be "available" and then walked away from your computer? Your friends, family, or colleagues see that you are available but get no response when trying to Yakkle or Chat with you. With this release, Yakkle will automatically see that you are away and change your status to "Away". When you return, Yakkle will automatically reset your status to what it was before you left your computer. There's no need for away messages now!

  • support: for some of you, your gmail account is actually and not Yakkle now automatically picks the proper server to log you into and to get you connected.

Have fun with this latest release... get your own copy of Yakkle at

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