Monday, February 11, 2008

Yakkle 2008 - New Features

With the start of the New Year, Yakkle is getting new features. After listening to user feedback, we've decided to integrate Gmail into Yakkle so Google Talk users can now fully convert to become Yakkle users. So, this release now contains email integration with Google's GMAIL. What does this mean? If you are running Yakkle and new emails come in to your GMAIL account, Yakkle will instantly notify you of these emails and will even let you read a small snippet from the email.

You will also notice that Yakkle now uses a system tray icon (look in the lower right hand corner of your Windows screen and you'll see other applications icons as well). You can double-click on the Yakkle icon to open up Yakkle. You can right click on the Yakkle icon to exit Yakkle or to view your emails.

You will also notice that the Yakkle icon will pop up messages for you if an email arrives or if one of your users goes online or if you receive a new text message from someone.

Now, as a Yakkle user, you can start up Yakkle and leave it up and running all the time. Take advantage of the email, user, and message notifications that Yakkle will present to you. With this version of Yakkle, you will be required to update to Java 1.6, which you are probably already running. If not, follow the directions to upgrade as it will only take a minute.

If you are a new user to Yakkle, try using the "Show Help Text" menu item under the "View" menu. This will provide you with text on your toolbar icons so that you can quickly and easily identify the "Start Yakkling" icon, or the "Mute" icon, etc.

....these features are just a start to what will be coming in 2008 from ZenViva. Get your own copy of Yakkle now from

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