Thursday, November 8, 2007

What is Yakkle?

In our last post we talked a bit about ourselves. Now let's turn our attention to our first product, Yakkle.

Yakkle is a revolutionary new application that provides Instant Collaboration.

Yakkle combines the best features of existing instant messaging (IM) and voice (VoIP) applications with the ability to share desktops in real time, all within a single application.

It's kind of a triple-play. Now you can connect with anyone on the Internet, send them a text message, speak to them with superb sound quality, and show them anything you have on your PC, like photos or documents. You can even let them control your mouse and keyboard from their computer. Then without having to perform any disruptive application reconfiguration or restart, you can turn things around and have the person you are Yakkling with share their desktop back to you.

Even better, with Yakkle you are not limited to collaborating with just one other person, but you can instantly collaborate in a group. Unlike existing desktop presentation solutions, Yakkle doesn’t require you to purchase a premium service to collaborate with more than one other person. Yakkle also doesn't require you to set up a meeting or email out special pass-codes. With Yakkle you just find some folks in your contact list that are online and start Yakkling!

We believe that Yakkle is a first of its kind application providing a unique way to truly collaborate. To experience Instant Collaboration for yourself, check out and start Yakkling today.

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