Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Welcome to the Yakkle Blog

Yakkle is the first product brought to you by the ZenViva guys (a.k.a. Zenviva, LLC). We created this blog to let you know about exciting things going on with Yakkle and with us. Along the way we also plan on sharing knowledge we have gained during the creation of Yakkle as a software application.

But first a bit about us...

We are a small group of technologists looking to develop the software applications of tomorrow. We bring together a diverse skill set of system architecture, high performance distributed object expertise, Java development experience, industry knowledge, web, graphics and branding know how and go to market strategies. We pride ourselves in working on and solving technological problems that others say "Can't be done."

In subsequent posts we will talk more about Yakkle and all the innovative things you can do with it, but it you can't wait until then you can go to right now and watch a demo, or even better yet download it and start Yakkling!

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