Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Yakkle Website

When we first had Yakkle ready for testing with the user community, we knew we would need a web site and we would need to communicate - What Yakkle Is?

We're proud to announce that our web site is up and running, complete with a "What's Yakkle" slide show and commentary to take you quickly through the product so you can see how easy it is to use. Our goal all along has been "click and go" and we think we've achieved that.

In designing our web site, we wanted to achieve simplicity, elegance, ease of use, and extendability. Being developers, we think with objects and repeating any code more than once means the design has flaws.

Enter style sheets. Yet another syntax to learn, but the effort is worth it!
We've actually ended up with just a few lines of html for each of our pages and the rest is common across all the pages. With the style sheets we can now change our web sites look and feel with just one edit.

A word of advice. If you are designing a web site, you are sure to get lots of feedback, so make sure you organize your pages, your thoughts and can easily make changes via your style sheet. Oh yea, and use Yakkle! You can share your browser to your coworkers, clients, family or friends, and let them give you instant feedback on what they like, don't like. Then make your edits, refresh the browser and collaborate until everyone is happy with the results....

....we do this every day and so can you. Come experience Instant Collaboration for yourself, check out and start Yakkling today.

Let us know how you like the web site too!

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