Thursday, November 29, 2007

Master Mouse Control Feature

In the just released update to Yakkle (v0.5.3), we added a feature called "Master Mouse Control." This feature allows the person sharing their desktop to more easily regain control back from a remote user that has been allowed mouse and keyboard control.

With Master Mouse Control, all the desktop sharer needs to do is move their mouse and they will regain control back from a remote user. Control is automatically retained by the desktop sharer for 5 seconds... which we feel is long enough to allow the sharer to be able to disable control previously granted to a remote viewer, but not too long when you want to again allow the remote viewer to have mouse and keyboard control.

In addition to Master Mouse Control, the following enhancements and fixes are included in v0.5.3:

  • Improved desktop sharing efficiency. We have improved on Yakkle's already efficient screen capture algorithm to give even more CPU cycles to your applications when desktop sharing.Improved voice experience over jittery networks.
  • Improved voice experience over jittery network connections. We have tweaked some parameters on our proprietary voice over IP algorithms to provide an even better voice experience over jittery networks (all while continuing to provide lossless, 16 bit audio).
  • Fixed several bugs reported by our user base. We have fixed several bugs reported by our user base in the chat window area when chatting with multiple users at the same time.

As you probably already have experienced, when you fire up Yakkle it will automatically detect that a new version is available and give you the option to upgrade right within the application. You can also update your version of Yakkle by re-downloading it from our websiste

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